Born: 3.8.2002

Sire: IP2, SCHH1, JK2 Dujoiedevie Boris, A/A, 1/1, eyes ok
Dame: Black Master's Eole-Ann, B/B, 0/0, eyes ok


Blood Contributors
Betina 18,75%
Grimm van der Hoge Laer 15,625%
Manitias Monsoons 9,375%
Pirette 9,375%
Elynda-Boris 6,25%

I did the inbreeding once and the result satisfied me. Now I used the best male of the inbred B-litter to a completely different lined bitch. Very remote lining in Grimm vd Hoge Laer and old Clos du Chers there is, but COI was only 0,78%! And I do love the litter! Neither sire nor dame had too elegant heads - and surprise! I had beautiful heads. I am more than pleased, and all who have been showed have excellants!, Elanor had her CAC in her first official show and was my first BOB-dog ever in fall 2004!

It seems that the tempers are quite acceptable, too. But time will tell the rest of the saga...

Name testicles HD ED Back Bite Eyes Work/ Character Show Other
Ecuador 1/1 B/C 0/0 - under/P1 - - EXC Euthanized 4/2009
Ezequiel 1/1 B/B 0/1 - sc/full Kort. HC - res-CAC Euthanized 5/2012, weak hindlegs
Eirunepe Female A/A 0/0 OK sc/full OK - EXC Spayed, seizures 5-,7- and 8-yrs
Dead 10/2012, bloat
Elanor Female A/A 0/0 OK sc/P1 OK BH BOB Spayed 9 yrs
Elyria Female A/A 0/0 Changes? under/p1 HC BH, JK2, Lt +140p BOS Gastritis, spayed,
euthanized 6/12 lymphocyte cancer
Eolienne Female - - - sc/full - - - Died 8/2011, cancer
Esquintla Female A/A 0/0 - under/full OK Lt +95p, AGI 2 EXC arthritis in the knee 2010