Males Juggernaut, Jerommeke ja Jappeloup

Jiikkoset päivän vanhoina (video) J-litter day old

PRRRRinsessa (video)

Mä en kyllä ala teidän kanssa (video) "I don't play with U..."

Jiikkoset 11 pv vanhoina (video) "J-litter 11 days old"


Born: 2.8.2007

Sire: FIN KVA Willow Creek Draken, A/A, 0/0, eyes ok
Dame: BH Dujoiedevie Elanor , A/A, 0/0, eyes ok


Full pedigree to foundation dogs (word)

coi: 2,1%

Blood Contributors
Grimm vd Hoge Laer 1,1%
Elynda-Boris 0,2%
Ares du Bois du Tot 0,2%
Beggy of the Two 0,2%
Zarka of the Two 0,1%
Lucius du Clos du Cher 0,07%
If du Puits d'Ombelle 0,07%
Marion du Clos du Cher 0,05%
Mirbelle du Chemin des Dames 0,3%
Xogan 0,2%

With J-litter we have again more old lines in breeding. We expect puppies to be strong, willing to work and a bit more robust type than nowadays. All males have normal testicles.

Litter has excellent bonstructure, two males have macroblepharon, too big hole of eyelids. Neither one has loose or hanging eyelids, nor any surgery is needed. Macroblepharon has decided to be marked as inherited by FKC 2008.

Name testicles HD ED Bite eyes skeletal work/character Show Other
Jerommeke 1/1 A/A 0/0 uneven/ full OK OK BH, AGI 1, LT +120 EXC, CQ Broke toe as pup
Jappeloup 1/1 A/A 0/0 sc/full OK OK LT +157 EXC Hypothyroid fall 2014
Juggernaut 1/1 A/A 0/0 sc/ 2 x P1 Other OK LT +69 VG castrated, lymfoplasmasytary gastritis
Je Suis Female A/A 0/0 sc/ P2 OK OK BH H Deaf, born lifeless, revived
put down without owners permission 9/2013