I've always loved animals, as long as I remember. For me especially dogs are one of the most important things in my life. And as everyone, who owns a tervueren, knows, they are more like a way of life.

I had my first dog on 1988. Tirlittan was the 'leftover' of litter from unknown sire(s) and siberian husky/collie dame. At the vet the recepiant asked: "Oh, you've got a tervueren-puppy!" I had no idea, what she was talking about, so I went to library and fell in love with tervueren immediately. I trained obedience with 'Tirri', as we called her, but we coudn't get very far, so I started to look for my very own purebred tervueren. In 1989 I ended up in litter from Berlioz de la Grande Lande (well, almost all the litters born on 1989 in Finland were from 'Berli') In the fall 1989 Hassunketun Ibrhithar, 'Iippa' moved to stay with us. We couldn't keep her, the next spring she was to put in sleep because of canine distemper - as too many other finnish dogs on that year. They same day Iippa slept away, I ordered new puppy, this time it was male, named 'Juppe' as my very first toydog, which I still treasure on my bedroom shelf. And he was the beginning of this all!
Spring 2005 Theo moved in Finland and I had to start to get interested also in workinline malinois. After our malinoislitters we confronted the cold facts in workinglines - epilepsy, backproblems and hipdysplasia. So we leave the malinoisbreeding to those, who are ready to solve these problems.

After all these years my way too idealistic opinions have turned out to be more realistic. On my early years as breeder I thought too much, believed too blindly, trusted without criticism. There is no completely healthy line, there is no absolutely perfect dog, there is no absolute thruth - well in our dreams, maybe. I found the freedom of being honest, the trust raising from trust - and the most important thing of all: stand in front of, beside and behind my own words and ideas. To search and be happy to find, to dare and succeed, to fail and learn, that is whats breeding is about. And as one of my very trusted friends said: "The most important thing for a dog to do, is to give us a good laugh!" So true…

I love my dogs, I owe the biggest responsibility to the people, who'll buy my puppies, and I owe the responsibility for this marvellous breed, Belgian Shepherd Tervueren.

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Jenni Uski and Theo Kroezen