Born: 4.3.1995

Sire: JK1, Guard Dog Hassunketun Joie de Vie, C/C
Dame: JK1 Hassunketun Kanebo, A2/A2, eyes ok


Blood Contributors
Betina 37,5%
Grimm van der Hoge Laer 25%
Manitias Monsoons 18,75%
Pirette 18,75%
Elynda-Boris 12,5%
Zarka of the Two 12,5%
Beggy of the Two 12,5%
Uranus de Braise Rouge 9,375%
Staround Hi-Adventure 9,375%
Axel van’t Peersbosch 9,375%
Xcongite 9,375%
If du Puits d’Ombelle 6,25%

In this litter I strenghtened the line of Betina, which I personally like very much. This is the litter I love most, their type is very much what I want, compact structure, good angulations, free strong movements and beautyful black eyes. Of course heads are too strong and skull round, and the shape of the eyes could have been better. One of the males, Boris, is an excellent working dog, and one fears shoots. Part of B-dogs are very open, some everything else. Because of the litters high inbreeding coefficient, I have to consider thoroughly their use in the future, but on the other hand, this inbreeding is to the lines, which do not exist in Finnish tervuerenbreeding anymore. In the E-litter I will see, what'll happen...

* in health results indicates that health wasn't checked at that time on regular basis

Name testicles HD ED skeletal bite eyes work/character Show Other
Boris 1/1 A/A 1/1 * under/P1 OK IP2, SchH1, JK2, rolt accepted G Guard dog, died in acute kidney failure over 8 yrs old
Boromir (1)0/1 B/B 0/0 OK even/full Pannus OBE 3, Agi 1 - Died spring 2010, over 15 yrs old
Benjamin 1/1 - - - scissor/full - - - died cancer 3.9.2006, 11,5 vuotiaana
Baie Female - - - scissor/full - - - Put down because of aggressivity as 2 yrs old
Bibber Female A/A 0/0 - scissor/P1 OK - EXC Died in march 2012, 17 years old